Create 3D Portrait of your Photos

Creating 3D stuff has always been in demand be it anything. Right from Video games to 3d movies and now its 3D portrait with you needing any special hardware.

I am Unique is a free service which lets you create a 3D portrait of your pictures for any moment in your life you want to cherish.

You start with one picture here, lets say a picture of your beautiful home and then you keep on adding pictures related to it. The first picture you add is divided into 4 sections which can be flipped and more pictures can be added to it. This makes the 3D interaction fun.

This is similar to Piclens we had talked before which allows you to search web or local directories in 3D but there are many more advantages creating this 3D portrait.

  • You can word, feed or just simple text.
  • You can make other family members join and ask them to contribute.
  • Easy Sharing.

3D portraits

Navigation is pretty easy using mouse and if you ever want to see all your pictures which you had added, just press spacebar. The only thing missing was a print. If I can print my 3D portrait it would have been really nice. Check out I am Unique


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