Create a Yahoo Makeover Avatar for your friends ( Yahoo Messenger )

Yahoo Avatars are on of the most commonly used application when it comes to express how you look to the world. Now if you want to make an avatar for your friend how you do it ? Today morning one of my friend, Angela sent me a customized avatar she just made it for me. It was really cool to see how it works. So I thought why not share it with you all. Its easy and works for your yahoo messenger interface directly.

You need to install the make over plug-in from here , This will directly show up on your yahoo messenger.

Yahoo Makeover Plugin for Avatar

Now you just need to follow these simple steps :-

  • Click on the button labeled as “Makeover your friends now” , This will pop up a window which will allow you to select one of your friend from the list you already have. You can even select an offline friend.

Select Freind for Creating Avatar


  • After selection of your friend, it will open up a sliding window on the side of yahoo messenger which will ask you to choose gender and then the magic begins. See the image below and you will know what to do next. You might be prompted to change your status to display ” Making Over an Avatar”, set no for now.

Making Over avatar for Yahoo Id

  • In the above image, you can customize from changing background to choose a pet for your friend. If you don’t want to select one by one, click the “Makeover Magic” text on bottom left and you will get a customized avatar in with good varieties. when you are done, just click on send avatar.

Make Over Magic using Yahoo Avatar Creator

  • When you click on “Send Avatar”, It will send a link to your friend through yahoo messenger itself on IM. Easy isn’t it!!!

Share the Yahoo Avatar You created

That was really fun to do, specially when you want to do something different. So if you want to relax, just make some avatar for your friend and see how they enjoy it!!!!


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