Create animated loading GIF image

Its trend to show small animation when any application is loading. You must have seen the animated bar when windows load or rotating circular image  when a video loads. There are many ways to do it and if you want to make just one for yourself to avoid making gif files, is the right place for you.

Preloaders lets you create a loading image with options of

  • Animation Speed
  • 3d , Zodiac, circular and many other types of preloaders
  • Background and foreground colours.
  • Transparency
  • Width and Height
Create preloading images
Create preloading images

and then lets you download a gif file with all these options available.  This is a perfect solution if you are developing to test or may be a final loading image for small application.  You can make one for yourself by visiting the Preloaders.Net


  1. Dear users of!

    We would like to inform you that has new upgrades. We have improved the preloader generating form in terms of usability. Also from now on you can set a reverse animation for the preloaders. Please check out the web-site to see the difference


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