Create awesome webpages without any knowledge of HTML

If you haven’t learned HTML, and want to create HTML pages for your website, it could be a real pain, designing some simple pages using the HTML won’t be a big issue, but if you want to create pages which have several elements, and a complex design, you will probably need a tool. Here is an awesome tool named as KompoZer, using this tool you can create some awesome HTML pages without any specific knowledge of HTML.

KompoZer is a WYSIWYG editor type designing tool, start creating HTML pages on the fly, simply using the options. Like if you want to insert a table on the page, go to the ‘Insert’ tab and select table, and later insert a table by selecting the number of columns and rows. In the same way you can and image, form, etc.

Free tool to design HTML pages on the fly without any HTML knowledege

It has almost every option to insert any type of element you will ever need on a webpage, once done with creation, you can click on the ‘Source’ tab below, and copy the code from there. It also has an option to publish this directly on your website via FTP.

how to design html pages on the fly

KompoZer reminds me of Fresh HTML, which too is a great tool for designing pages without any pro type knowledge of HTML.

Download KompoZer


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