Create Command Line like Queries for Web

Yubnub has come with an interesting concept where it allows users to create command line like queries for Inetrnet. Lets take some examples first

  • gim porsche 911 Do a Google Image search for Porsche 911’s.
  • random 100 Pick a random number between 1 and 100 using

The idea behind is to create shortcut for searches specially and dynamically. The search URL and parameter i.e. where %s is your text with which you make search and rest is the URL for the search is combined together to give GIM “Your text here”.

So if you go to Yubnub all you need is to type in GIM and what you want to search and it will open up google image search result page with your text being searched. Pretty Interesting.

It also allows you to create a command line like this. Here is the snapshot

Command Line search
Command Line search

So how do you use it ? Don’t worry about going there every time. They have extensions for most of the browsers which allows you to use yubnub right from there.

What is Next ?

Now why not somebody create a actual command line search which allows me to type in from command like using the same kind of syntax which yubnub is ? I would love it.


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