Create custom Google Maps from your Geotagged Flickr Photos

Flickr supports geotagging ( by using phones or adding GPS Geocode to exif data or manually ) which helps users to remember where the photo was taken. Thats great but its little hard to visualize it or see all the geo tagged list in one place specially when you want to show off your friends on your Europe tour.

iMapFlickr is a perfect solution keeping the above scenario in mind. This online mashup combines Google Maps and Flickr and you can create an embeddable map to share. It uses your Flickr username, URL or email address and select the photoset you want to add you your map ( In fact You can use anybody’s name here ) The next step will be customizing the map and you are done.

Create Geotagged Flickr Maps
Create Geotagged Flickr Maps

You can register with them to have all your maps saved. Overall this service is pretty cool when it comes to sharing photos on place by place basis. Great for travel, tours and many more. Check out iMapFlickr


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