Create custom Jump List in Windows 7

Jump List is another unique feature in Windows 7 which is automatically created depending on your recent file usage. For example I use VLC player for videos and any time I want to see what videos I had watched before, Just right click on the VLC icon on taskbar.

Windows 7 jumplist
Windows 7 jumplist

Pretty useful. But this list is not in your control it keeps on changing. Ali came out with an excellent piece of software which creates a custom jump list which can be accessed by using his program. The best would be just pin this piece of software and then use the Jump list for quick access.

Windows 7 Custom Jump List
Windows 7 Custom Jump List

Jump List
Jump List

This is a good alternative to a dock like application in Windows which can keep all our quick links at  one place. I had been using Dell Dock which is pretty useful but its problematic when I move my mouse over the end where it is located.

I am going to give Jump List a complete one week driuve to see if this can beat out Dell Dock till then you also try it out.  Check Video and Download Jumplist


  1. Doesn’t really show how to setup a list, obviously uses a 3rd party app, and your jump list contains obviously pirated lists of AVI movie files. Very unprofessional.

  2. Who cares of pirated stuff in India?
    Even the cops buy there pirated games and software because it’s cheaper!

  3. Nice article – thanks for sharing your experiences with the jump lists in Windows 7.

    @Hazard –
    1. the article states “Create custom Jump List in Windows 7” – it doesn’t say “how to” specifically. It’s quite easy to just search the app’s name and find the homepage for Hedgehog’s Jumplist-Launcher.
    2. Pirated AVI movie files? Really? I thought maybe they’re trailers of movies he may have loved. Great assumptions there buddy, perhaps you’d do better sticking to the blog’s subject matter.
    3. You’re a flaming douche.


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