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If you have ever wondered how OEMs are able to create bootable DVD with OS, Drivers and Custom App installation, then today I will help you not only understand it but also suggest software that can do it for you. There are few reasons why you might want to do it :

  • Create Windows 8 Installation DVD or USB along with your drivers. So you are not waiting or putting in some extra effort when installation is complete.
  • You can reduce the installation size by removing some of the apps which you prefer not to use. This way it can be much faster than before.
  • Windows 8 installation includes a lot of drivers. Since not all drivers are required by you, getting rid of them is a good idea. However, you need to be sure of what you need to include.

How does it work ?

Its more like a script which runs before the Windows 8 starts and then it managers and commands everything from there.

The tools customizing Windows 8 Installation media utilizes set of command line tools which allows them to specify selections like Language, Apps not to be included etc.  The drivers which you bundle are run after the installation is complete which is again controlled by the script.

So, its a simple automated program which uses some of the Installation API and then adds some of its own to make it look like one single installation.

WinReducer 8 :

WinReducer is the software which can create custom installation media for you. Similar to its Windows 7 Counterpart, WinReducer has come up with a version of Windows 8. It allows you to :

  • Allows to remove Fonts, Apps, Drivers, Services, Themes and Network.
  • Drivers can be included by just pointing them to the drivers folder. The best way is to copy them to your hard drive first and then add here. It will be much faster than reading it from the DVD.
  • Detailed listing of some of the features which are deep inside the control panel settings. For example, you can remove Homegroup Feature or choose to Disable Paging etc.
  • Change Wallpaper
  • Change Lockscreen Background.
  • Create Attended Installation

Windows 8 Custom Installation Options

Prior to using this software, you will need to have your Original Windows 8 DVD or USB ready. In case you have upgraded to Windows 7 or any previous version, Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant has an option to create this bootable media. This software uses the media to create the custom setup. Also, you need to make sure the version of Windows 8 you have on the bootable device.

Download WinReducer 8

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