Create ePub Files from Feeds and Web Pages

If you rely heavily on your eBook reader to read online content,  GrabMyBook is an excellent Firefox extension which converts any webpage or feed into ePub which you can later import into your eReader to continue with it at leisure.You can combine articles from different websites or blogs, add your own pages and edit the HTML if required.

How does this extension Works :

  • Once downloaded and installed, all you need is to click and select Grab This Page.
  • It then gives you a preview of how it will look like in your reader and all you need is to save.

Grab this page into my Book

  • If you do not want to open a webpage every time to add to your eBook, right click on any link and select Grab This lInk option. Since you get to see the preview in simple ebook format, you can choose to delete it right there if you do not want to add that to your ePub file.

Create ePub from Link Directly

  • You can also grab some paragraphs of website into the ebook. Select one paragraph, right-click and select option “Grab Selection”
  • Along with option to save you also get option to edit if required.

Grab Webpages for your eBook

  • You can keep adding articles like this and then finally compile it into a Book which can be exported in your computer.
  • Before you export, you can also rearrange the articles order.

Create your eBook from Feeds Directly :

This is the best feature of this addon.

  • Click on Feeds Option.
  • In this window you can  add multiple number of feeds.
  • For every feed it will display the articles.
  • Now choose articles which you want and import it into your eBook in one click.
  • You also have option to refresh and delete feeds.
  • Only drawback is you dont get to see what you have already imported once the process is complete. I guess this is a bug.

Grabbing Feeds for Ebook

How Editing Works :

When you click on edit, it allows you to edit Article Name, Link and the content opens in HTML format instead of simple editor. For many users who just want to do simple editing this option can be annoying.

Editing the Articles for ePub

Add your own page :

Apart from pages you can also add your own page with your content in it. For example if you have set of document for which you want to create a ePub, just create a new Book and add pages in it. Then copy paste all the data in different pages.



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