Create Fake Air Tickets with Ticket O Matic

Do it for fun with your friends and closed one. Ticket O Matic lets you create fake airline tickets of 33 Airports around the world. The ticket generated looks pretty much real if you can arrange for papers which are similar to what airlines give you.

The Wizard has two steps where you need to enter your name, allows you to select city, airline name, From, To, Boarding time,  etc with are accurate. And at the end you can have the ticket ready to be printed out. You can either email it to yourself or download a high resolution copy of it.

The link from where you download the ticket, stays live for 3 hours after which it is deleted. So make sure to bookmark it, in case you need to download it again.

And, like I said you can use it for fun among friends and family but don’t use it for any legal purpose else you would be the sole responsible person for that.  Check out Ticket O Matic

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