Create Free Mind maps with VUE ( Desktop Application )

VUE or Visual Understanding Environment is free software to create mind maps with help of images, nodes, text and much more. Developed to aid in teaching, learning and for people who would like to organize their ideas into graphical and digital format. Though pen and paper would best to start with but once you have a basic idea on how your plan is VUE is an excellent application to start.

Mind maps

Features :

  • Supports Text and Images.
  • Allows you to merge maps.
  • Create paths and playback it.
  • Add tags to different nodes.
  • Search when you map grows bigger.
  • Plugins  which support Fedora, Flickr, JStor, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, PubMed (NCBI), Sakai, Summize Twitter Search, Wikipedia (searched by Yahoo), Yahoo.
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


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