Create fully functional Backups of your files with Shadow Copy

Creating and saving the backups for every bit of work you do is a must. There are times when you had accidentally deleted some files, and there is no way to recover them unless we take regular backups. Today I am talking about one such backup tool; Shadow Copy is a simple tool to meet your day-to-day backup needs.

Shadow copy is not only extremely simple, but it’s such a user-friendly tool that makes it pleasant to keep backups. Once you have downloaded the installation file, run it to get Shadow Copy on your system.

Shadow Copy Windows 10

Create fully functional Backups of your files with Shadow Copy

  • You can easily copy the content of an entire hard disk to another disk, in one click.
  • If you make a copy of your ‘C:’ (the drive in which your OS is installed), Shadow Copy can copy all the system files as well, and if required at any point of time, you can boot your system from this location, by making the new partition active in ‘Windows Disk Management’.
  • Shadow Copy can also be used via the command prompt, batch, or task scheduler. The available switches are:
Switch Description
/s copy subdirectories
/j parse junctions
/i ignore-errors
/y overwrite existing files
/r overwrite read-only files


  • It can also copy files even if they are locked by Windows 10.

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How to backup using Shadow Copy?

The interface is simple as shown below, for every backup operation you just need to specify a few things:-

Taking Backups of your Files and Folders
Taking Backups of your Files and Folders
  1. Specify the location of files to be copied.
  2. Specify the locations where the backup is to be saved.
  3. Choose the options, as shown above.
  4. Hit the ‘Copy’ button to get the backup.

I found this tool very convenient and useful. The feature which allows copying the system files to give you a fully functional backup is pretty appealing. Apart from these features, Shadow Copy is fast and lightweight, too. Give it a try, and share your experiences, do share with us, which tool you use for backups.

Download Shadow Copy. I hope the post was useful, and you enjoy the software to take backup on Windows 10 PC.


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