Create funny Captions, Fake magazine covers and much more: Write On It

We have talked about several such services using which you can play with your photos, creating some fake and funny stuff, here is the list –

I recently came across this new one, which is kind of combo version of all the above, yes you can add your photos to different locations and objects, you can create fake magazine covers with your photos, and yes, a bonus – you can create captions, i.e. you can enter a text on pictures (here you cannot use your won picture, you need to select one from the available ones), the service is known as Write on It, and here is what all can be done using Write on It

Now let’s have a look at all the four options and their working.

Captions –

Here you need to choose any of the available pictures (31 available as of now), later click on ‘Create your picture’ at the bottom, and later, simply enter the text to get the Caption, and here is one I created while writing this post.

Create – Allows you to add your photos to several locations and objects –

Choose the preset or the template available and move on, 23 presets are available where you can add your photo now and here is the one I created.

Fake Magazines – Create fake Magazine Covers, with your photo on it –

MagMyPic is probably a better place to do it, but still some (7) fake magazine cover templates available here, the added attraction to Write on It is that, you can create the news title with your name, that’s awesome, isn’t it, go ahead and enjoy. Have a look –

And finally

Face on it – place your face on the body of the world top celebrities –

Simply choose the celebrity; you have an option to place your face on MJ, Superman, etc.

Later you need to upload the photo (from the one you will get the face to be placed here), or you can try capturing your photo with your webcam as well, later you get options to fit the celebrity picture well, as shown below.

Controls help you to get the best suited picture for you, lots of available options make it easy to place almost any photo here on the celebrity body, have a look.

So, this was a walkthrough of all the things you can do with your picture and text on Write On It, almost all the creations can be shared, saved, and posted to other sites, with the help of the widgets available.

So go, and try it now, and create some funny photos, awesome caption, and fake magazine cover, share it with friends…and Enjoy!!!!

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