Create Group based Backups using Metro Backup

Metro Backup Tool is yet another backup software which does what it says, Backup your files but there are a couple of features which users will like and love to use over another similar software.

  • Clean User interface. I have not seen such a clean interface which makes it so easy for users to interact.
  • The options are straight forward without any complexity. So unless you need a high configurable backup tool, you should go for this.
  • It allows you to group your backup jobs i.e. Like you can create Job List for taking backup of your personal videos, professional videos and so on into one and Video Backup for another.
  • Supports comma separated filters which are easy to use.
  • You can export and import your configuration if you plan to switch your computer.
  • Supports Three types of synchronization : Mirror Reference with and without deleting source files and Synchronized Folders.
  • Includes support for Sub Directories.
  • Options to Exclude some of the backups temporarily.

Metro Backup Sync Options


Video Demo of Metro Backup

Direct Link

How to create backup using Metro Backup

How to create a Job List :

  • Click on Add Joblist Link
  • Give it a proper name.

How to create a Job :

  • First Select a Job List
  • Then Click on Add Job.
  • Select Source, Destination and specify any filter.
  • Choose Backup Type Wisely.

Create Job and Job List

What happens when you Synchronize :

Now when you select a Job List and Hit synchronize you get clear options of files which will be copied, files which will be deleted and retained. So make sure you do take a look at them nicely. The icons which have cross before them means the files which will be deleted and you will get to see the source and destination accordingly.

Sync Details in Metro Backup


Drawbacks of Metro Backup :

Keeping the simplicity in mind, the only drawback which I see is that there is no option to schedule a backup at a given time in the User Interface. This means you will have to run this sync manually.

However if you want to schedule a backup, it is possible from command line Interface but it does not uses the same configuration you have set up in user interface.

So you will have to make a choice if to use Command Line or user interface.

How to schedule a backup using Command Line

  • Navigate to the Folder where you have installed Metro Backup.
  • Locate the file which is named as MetroBackUp_Console.exe
  • Open Command Prompt and run this exe to see the options listed.

Metro Back Console

The Options are :

{LTR|LEFTTORIGHT|LTRWD|LEFTTORIGHTWITHOUTDELETION|BW|BOTHWAYS} “Reference Directory” “Target Directory”   [/NORECURSION] [/FILTER:File Extension[,File Extension]*]


  •    LTR, LEFTTORIGHT: Mirror Reference Directory
  •    LTRWD, LEFTTORIGHTWITHOUTDELETION: Mirror Reference Directory (without deleting files)
  •    BW, BOTHWAYS: Synchronize in both directions
  •    NORECURSION: Subdirectories will not be included in synchronization.
  •    FILTER: Only files with the given file extensions will be included in synchronization.

Default Values:

  •  NORECURSION: Subdirectories will be included in synchronization.
  •  FILTER: There are no filters applied, all files will be synchronized

Sample Demo using Console Option

Lets say I want to Copy D:\My Dropbox\Ananta to L:\Backup Anant Pics in simple sync. So I will choose

  • MetroBackUp_Console.exe BOTHWAYS “D:\My Dropbox\Ananta” “L:\Backup Anant Pics ” /NORECURSION
  • Now  once you are sure what you are doing first test it on test folders from command line directly.
  • Once you know this is working as you thought, Launch Task Scheduler in Windows
  • Create a Basic Task > Browse and Add this Exe
  • Paste BOTHWAYS “D:\My Dropbox\Ananta” “L:\Backup Anant Pics ” /NORECURSION in Optional Arguments
  • Set Startup folder same as location of MetroBackUp_Console.exe.
  • Schedule it to run everytime your computer starts. Save and exit.
  • Next locate the task and run it to see if it works as intedned.

MetroBackup using Console Option and Task Manager


Download Metro Backup


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