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We talked about Banner Snack a couple of months ago, which, for sure is a great online tool to create banners and slideshows, very easy to use and feature rich as well.

Snack Tools, the makers of Banner Snack, launched another tool, Photo Snack. Photo snack is a photo sharing platform, which allows you to create customized slide shows using your photos.

Let us now have a look at working and other features of this tool.

You need to sign in using your account; the old Banner Snack account (if at all you ever created one there) can let you in, else create one.

Whole process on Photo Snack requires mainly three steps –

Upload  photos

Before you actually begin to upload the photos, you need to choose a slide show template first, 6 different slide show templates are available as of now, more coming soon.

Done with slide chow template, move on and upload photos using the ‘Upload Photos’ button, you can opt to upload multiple photos from same folder, once done with uploading click on ‘Edit photos’.

Add name, description, remove the photos etc.


Now, simply ‘Customize’ the slide show, there are several options, you can add a logo as well either on top right or on top left, explore the settings, sufficient options are there.

and Share –

So, here comes the feature which gives you a reason to use Photo Snack as your photo sharing platform, huge number of sharing options are there, simple URL sharing, email, post on social networking sites etc. However, no option like ‘Tweet this album’, gave a heart break to me, it should have been there.

Here is the album I created, showcasing @anantamohta

Why I liked Photo Snack –

  • Free account too is pretty full featured.
  • 250 MBs of space for every free account.
  • Enough controls to customize the slide shows.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Huge sharing options.
  • If you have a Banner Snack account, no sign up, I personally hate sign ups.

Every slide show has a Watermark, if you don’t want it at all, try the premium account. So, go ahead and give it a try, I am sure you will love it. Try Photo Snack

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