Create Instant HTML Website by Uploading a Zip File

When you hire a website designer to create a static website, they will do so effortlessly. They will write the code in an index.html file and share more files you must upload. Some of you would even download pre-designed HTML website projects for hosting. In either of the cases, having code isn’t enough unless you know how to host it! It needs some good technical knowledge to understand. In such cases, you would be thinking of a way to create instant HTML website by uploading a ZIP file. Here’s where we have covered you all!

Create Instant HTML Website by Uploading a Zip File

  1. What is
  2. How Does Work?
  3. Features
  4. Price

What is

It is an effective third-party tool that lets you create instant HTML websites by uploading a ZIP file. Simply put, it’s a platform to share and host your website projects. Whether designers, developers, or people engaged in other industrial sectors, it suits everyone. The only condition is that the website should be static. Some even call it the most straightforward ZIP file hosting solution.

tiiony host

How Does Work?

It follows an easy drag and Drop Interface to upload files.

Here’s how works:

  • Locate your index.html file, right-click on it, and select the Compress option
  • Open, Upload the index.html compressed file (in ZIP format)Tiiny.Host
  • Input a sub-domain and click on Upload ZIPTiiny.Host File Uploading
  • The platform will now prompt you when your website is live. It will display how much time the website will be live!Tiiny.Host Successfully Live Website
  • The platform will now prompt you when your website is live. It will display how much time the website will be live!

Features of

There are plenty of features tags supports. One of its worldwide use cases is ZIP file hosting. It’s one of the few platforms that let you do so effectively without a hassle.

Below mentioned are some of the features of

  • Creates Website in Seconds: You can’t waste much time when you aren’t tech-friendly or want to share projects within seconds. lets you create an HTML website in the least possible time.
  • Drag and Drop Interface: Once you have your ZIP file, all you have to do is drop your index.html file and drop it on the website’s home page. Further, please enter the name of the website you want, and it creates it automatically.
  • Testing Prototypes: Rather than using browsers to run and check your projects, you can create prototypes with It enables easy creation, and you can share them quickly with your clients or users for reviews.
  • Incredible Technical Support: You can reach out to via email [email protected] or by the chat option on its website. They are responsive and will try to connect with you soon.
  • Removes Domain Name: With its premium plan, you can remove domain in case you want a custom domain.
  • Improves Website Loading Time: The CMS is relatively fast, improving website loading time and user experience.

With so many valuable features, it becomes essential to know whether the is safe or not. The below section will help you in knowing so! Pricing

With, you can create an instant HTML website by uploading a zip file and hosting it on its server. You can choose a free plan or go with its premium ones. Both share differences in the features they offer; let’s check them out!

Free Solo  Pro 
Free of cost Costs $13/month ($156/year) Costs $31/month ($372/year)
Can create HTML website using ZIP file once or twice Suitable for individuals and small-scale websites Suitable for Freelancers, Agencies, and Organizations
Let’s you host 1 active site Can create and host 5 active sites simultaneously Can create and host 12 active sites simultaneously
Upload ZIP files up to 5MB Upload ZIP.files up to 75 MB Uploads ZIP files up to 1000 MB
Doesn’t remove Tiny Host Banner Removes Tiny Host Banner Removes Tiny Host Banner
Cannot use a custom domain Let you create a custom domain Can create custom domains
No inbuilt analytics Displays inbuilt analytics Has in-built analytics
Does not support Password Protection Supports Password Protection Provides Password Protection
It does not have a code editor It does not have a code editor No Code Editor
It does not let you add team members It does not let you add team members Let’s you add team members
Does not have a CDN Provides CDN service Provides CDN service


The pricing plans are worth it; the rest depends upon your preferences. Besides, if you are a student learning to code, then the plans vary.


When creating an instant HTML website by uploading a ZIP file, will help you out! It has many use cases where ZIP file website hosting is essential. It’s secure and reliable. Further, if you are a professional wanting to create an SEO-friendly website, it also has the necessary features for you.

It’s simple to use with a drag-and-drop interface. However, it is only for static websites and does support dynamic websites. There exist both free and paid plans. After you cancel your paid plan or website, it will be removed from the servers also.

Is Safe?

Yes, is safe to host your website. The platform’s URL has SSL certification. Further, even as a user, it will give you SSL over a CDN. Additionally, you can even store your offline sites over the network. Yet, there is no third-party interruption, and hence it’s secure. After you cancel your plan, the platform deletes all your sites from its database and servers. Therefore, is safe and not prone to data or security breaches.


  1. While this could be good for a novice, I don’t like the lack of control on editing, etc. Great article though!


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