Create instant HTML website by uploading a zip file

When it comes to creating a static website, even popular tools are not easy to handle for a novice user. Most of the users who build static website get their site build by web designers are html files which have some images, contact address, about page and at the max have a gallery of their product.

As these kind of website don’t need lot of space nor resources, a novice user can get confused if the website builder ask him to upload everything one by one manually.

Coralrift is a good solution to all these problems. This online tool lets you create a website of your own which will be in form of and all it needs is zip file of your static website. Once it gets uploaded you website is ready for use. Check the Video Demo

Before you complete, you get to see a preview to find out what is not working and how it will look. To keep this website you can just signup with them else its get deleted.

If you register with them, you get an admin console which displays all the pages of your website. You add more pages and delete any existing page if not required.

The only drawback compared to other website builder software is that you do not get any editor to change your webpage. Your best support is you editing it manually on your computer or your web designer doing it for you.

Check out Coralrift | Via One Thing Well


  1. While this could be good for a novice, I don’t like the lack of control on editing, etc. Great article though!

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