How to Create Dropbox Share Links for Files and Folders?

Do you use Dropbox and want to share files and folders with others? Like any other file-sharing service, it is easy to create share links for the files and folders you want to share with Dropbox. You can share with your friends, family, colleagues, business partners, and more! Besides, you can send this share link via Facebook Messenger, emails, text, etc. This post will share how you can create Dropbox Share Links for files and folders.

Create Dropbox Share Links

How to Create Dropbox Share Links for Files and Folders?

Dropbox makes sharing files and folders easy. It is relatively simple to send a link to the file or folder you want via the Dropbox website or app. There are different ways you can create share links. Take a look at these ways:

  1. Website
  2. Desktop App
  3. Mobile App

Check how you can create share links in the details below:

1] Website

It is possible to create share links of Dropbox files and folders from the website. Here are the steps you need to follow –

  • On the website, expand All Files from the right-hand settings. Click on the Folder or individual file whose link you want to share.
  • Hover under the Who Can Access column, and you will see a Share icon. Select the three dots that are present next to the file. Click on the Share button.

Create Sharable Links on Dropbox Online App

  • A new window will open; click on Create button. It will create a link and automatically copy the clipboard you can share.

Share Dropbox Files and Create Links

2] Desktop App

If you have configured the Desktop App on your PC and Mac, it is even easier to create share links as the feature is built into the context menu of the OS.

  • Go to Dropbox on the desktop. It will open the Dropbox Folder by default whether you use a PC or macOS.
  • Right-click on the file you want to share.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the Share button.

Share Dropbox File from Desktop App

  • A new window will open. At the bottom, you will see Create Link button. Click on that.

Create Link in Dropbox Desktop App

  • Once the link is created, it will convert to Copy Link. Click on Copy Link and share the link with anyone whom you want to see the file content.

3] On iPhone/iPad or Mobile in General

Are you wondering if you can create a share link of Dropbox files and folders from your iPhone? The mobile app makes it easy for iPhone users to access files. Take a look at the steps you need to adopt –

  • Open the Dropbox App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to the file or folder you want to share. Select the three dots beside the file or folder you want to share.

Share Links on Dropbox iPhone App

  • Click on Share and then click the Copy link option.

Copy Link on DropBox iPhone App to Share

  • You need to copy and paste the link where you want to share it.

The exact process is followed for iPads too.

Note: It is important to remember that if the link you share only has view-only permission, the person you share it with cannot edit it.


Dropbox, undoubtedly, has made file sharing an easy and hassle-free process. With shared links, you can share files in simple steps. All you have to do is create, copy and paste the link wherever you want. Besides, you can share Dropbox files by email.

Owing to the permission and advanced controls settings, you can ensure the Dropbox files’ links are safe. It is a vital feature in case you are sharing confidential or sensitive data. You can also enable others to view, edit or comment on the shared files.

How Do I Create a Shared link in Dropbox with Edit Access?

You can allow users to make changes to the shared folder or files, which is especially helpful during collaboration. Be aware that shared access cannot be customized, and everyone has the same edit access. To create a shared link with edit access, follow the steps as follow:

  1. Log in to your Dropbox account and navigate to the file or folder you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share button for the file or folder.
  3. In the Share window that appears, click on the Create a link button.
  4. Click on the Edit dropdown menu in the Create a link window and select Can edit.
  5. Click the Create link button to create the shared link with edit access.

Why Can’t I Create a Share Link in Dropbox?

There are several reasons you might not be able to create a shared link in Dropbox. The reasons include restricted permission to share the folder or file further with anyone else, or the folder owner may have changed the settings so that links can only be shared with other team members. If you still have access to the file, you can download and share it using your account with other people.

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