Create a portable Start menu ( Launcher) for your portable Apps

Its not only useful but has also become trendy to always carry a portable apps loaded thumb drive. Definitely comes handy but also becomes messy when you have 20 or 50 such applications loaded and you keep looking what is where.

Pstart is a must have portable applications which creates a Start menu program list like one we have in windows. All you need is to add all the executable right into its menu. And if you are lazy to search and it can search all executable in your thumb drive and it will create a launcher menu for you. Perfect solution.

Pstrat tray menu

This program sits in tray so its easy to launch applications. Pstart also provides you with advanced menu editing. You can :

  • Add environmental variables
  • Start Up variables or command line parameters
  • Set Home directory
  • Change Icon and Add website information for the program
  • Assign Shortcut, Auto run or scheduled run
  • Control the behavior of the panel once you launch a program from the list.
Pstart Program Properties Advanced
Pstart Program Properties Advanced
Pstart Program Properties
Pstart Program Properties

Find out more on Pstart @ Pegtop Start

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