Create QR code for URL, SMS, Text, Contact and Phone numbers

QR Codes have become one of the standard methods to exchange data which is specially helpful in mobile devices.  We talked about creating QR Codes out of anyt text which you want but this time we will take it to the next level.

Exchange of information is just not limited to text but it could be a URL, standard contact information, SMS and even a phone number and this is what QReateBuzz expertize on with tracking functionally allowing you to create campaigns tracked with detailed analytic.

QR code generator

All of the campaigns created can be tracked to find how many scans were made or hits were served. In case you dont want to track it gives you option of non tracking image and URL.

QR code Stats

This tool can be used for many purpose. Creating business card, tracking url, sending data to QR enabled devices or even turn it into an online business card where you expose first infromation and then take people to landing page. Find more about QReateBuzz


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