Create, Share and Print floor plans for bedroom, home office, living room etc.

We posted about Floorplanner, which allows you to create floor plans online. Here is another tool Roomful Express.

Roomful Express is a simple online tool, allows you to create floor plans for bedroom, dining room, home office, living room and youth bedroom.

Once you choose the type of room you want to design the floor plan for, you get several tools to customize Furniture, Landscape, Patio, Fixtures etc.

As shown in above image, upper and left panel have tools, the left panel also has some tools which allow you to save (will need an account creation and login), print, and share the created plans.

Roomful Express is simple to use, however if you are a pro in designing floor plans, Floorplanner is definitely a better tool, it has 3D view option and several other tools.

Try Roomful Express

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