Create Synchronicity is portable and powerful folder synchronization tool

Keeping files and folders same on two computers what many of use do. Though using a solution like Dropbox is most efficient but if your use is includes different devices like iPad or USB drives, you need a bit of different solution.

Create Synchronicity is folder synchronization tool which is pretty powerful with features as below :

  • Its rules based to exclude and include folders.
  • Supports multiple profiles.
  • Synchronization Method includes Left to right which be exact copy or just updates what is changed or two ways.

Create Synchronicity

Now lets you have few files critical then under advanced option you can choose strict file time comparison,  use hash tag to which might be slow but can check file validity.  You can also choose to sync either files which are updated or only get new files or deleted files.

Now when I compared this application with PureSync, which is the best synchronization app we have discussed here, this application gets benefit of being portable and simple but still gives you powerful features which will make most of the users happy. However if you are looking for more rules, more options Pure Sync still beats any syncing tool.

Download Synchronicity | Read more on PureSync


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