How to Create a Video Response on YouTube

Adding useful comments on a post is always useful but when it comes to YouTube, It has even powerful commenting system which allows you to response by a video. Though this option will be used only by users who are into making video and very active on YouTube but it has its own advantage which I have talked about in my YouTube Notes. All Video responses are displayed right above the comments and stand better chance of finding new subscribers and even impressing bigger video channels to yours.

Video Response from Comment Box

So lets learn how to do it :

  • Make sure you are signed in to your YouTube Account.
  • Click on the comment Box and you will see an option on right hand which says Create a Video Response
  • Click on that and you will be taken to a selection box where either you can select a video which you have already uploaded or you can start a video upload right there.
  • In case you do not have any video to select or upload, you can also add a YouTube Video URL directly here.
  • Depending on the channel settings, the video response will show immediately or after approval.

Video Response Selection and UploadWhen you should create a video response :

To Update an existing video :

Not technically but if you have lot of traffic on an existing video, content of which has new features or changes, you can create a video for that. So when users see the new video under it, they will get to watch that too.

To Let Channel know about addtiona feature :

You can let the channel make aware of an existing video on YouTube which has done similar kind of video or has something additional to show.

Create Competition :

You can create a video on your channel and ask your subscribers to respond back with video.

If you are a YouTube Partner or want to become one, Make sure to read my exhaustive Notes with tips from Google which we learned on Official Meet.


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