Create Virtual and Multiple Desktop with Virtua Win [Windows]

Multiple Desktops are the best options if you don’t have multiple monitors, it not only increases your desktop area but allows you to maintain multiple applications without getting distracted. Like

  • You can have one desktop for writing articles.
  • One where you watch videos and Music
  • and so on

This way you tend to get less distracted. Virtua Win is an open source application for Windows which allows you to create any number of desktop and control them with hot keys. Moreover You can move applications from one desktop to another with just one click.It works on Windows XP fine but never tested it on Windows Vista

  • You can even keep some application to be visible in all desktops like I keep my Firefox open for all and separate out applications according to time.
  • Switch Desktops with mouse or keyboard.
  • Move Applications from one desktop to another.
  • Its Free

This is a good option if you don’t want to go for a 3D desktop which not only require Graphics support but are not that great.

[ Via BrianTubes ]


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