Create Virtual drives of your frequently used folders with Visual Subst

Sometimes its a pain when you need to access a folder and it is sitting deep inside under sub folders. You might suggest to create shortcuts but again you might accidentally clean it up and moreover too many shortcuts is not preferred by much.  This is where Visual Subst comes into picture.

Visua Subst allows you to create drive like icons in my computer which actually points to your favorite folders. So its like a permanent shortcut for which you will never feel an hassle. Now since its a drive you can access it quickly by just typing the drive letter in the run dialog box.

Create Virtual Drives of your frequently accessed folders
Create Virtual Drives of your frequently accessed folders

If you want , the drives can be loaded as soon as your computer starts. Its like when you connect to a network drive. However there is small bug which I find. The drives which are created retain the name of the parent drive. Thus you will have to remember the drive names vs folder names. Check out Visual Subst

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