How to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 11/10

UAC is an annoying prompt whenever you launch a program that needs admin privileges. Even though Windows 11/10 handles it pretty nicely, if you have some programs or executables that always need an Administrator Privilege prompt screen, then here is a way to suppress them all the time. You can choose to launch Programs as Administrators in Windows 10. Use it with your favorite programs which you trust.

How to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 11/10

  • Run program with Task Scheduler
  • Create shortcuts with ElevatedShortcut

1] Run a program with Task Scheduler

How to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers Task Scheduler, which you can use to create automated and manual tasks. Since you will launch the program when you need it, create tasks that you can manually run.

  • Type WIN + Q, and then type Task Scheduler
  • When the task scheduler appears, click to launch it.
  • On the right panel, click to create a task.
  • Add Name, and then select the checkbox which says, “Run with highest privileges.”
  • Under actions, add the program you want to run with admin privileges.

Next, create a shortcut of Task Scheduler on the desktop or Taskbar, and run all your programs from there.

2] Create shortcuts with ElevatedShortcut

ElevatedShortcut for Windows 10/8/7 is a shortcut + Administrator Privilege Screen suppressor program where you can create multiple shortcuts and make sure they are not prompted anymore. Now for those who do not know how UAC works, this program launches the file with elevated privilege, i.e., it does not bypass UAC but starts with it. The only thing that goes off is the prompt screen.

How to use it :

When you first launch the application, you will be prompted by UAC. So choose yes, and you will get the option to create New Shortcut, Modify Shortcut.

  • New Shortcut:  Asks for selecting a program, additional command line arguments, and where to save. I suggest you save it on the desktop so it’s seamless.
  • Modify Shortcut: This can convert an already created shortcut into an elevated one, making your job much more comfortable — no need to recreate all your program shortcuts again.
  • Removing is self-explanatory.

How to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 10

Download the program from the official page. Make sure to scroll down a bit and find the download button. Click, and the file will start downloading on your computer.

I hope these programs help you launch Programs as Administrators in Windows 11/10.


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