Create your own QR (Qurify) codes

QR codes are like bar codes but they are 2 dimensional and can be used on any modern mobile phones to exchange some piece of data like we send business card. You can imagine QR codes to contain important information which human brains cannot read but can be decoded by applications which do understand it.

Lets say You found a good piece of information about some show that’s going to take place in the city. Now normally we would note down each and every detail on paper or mobile notes. Now imagine if there is a QR code available for it. You just scan it and your mobile converts it into a piece of (interactive) text and/or link which contains all details of the show!! Perfect isn’t it.

Well coming to the topic lets say you need to create a QR code for yourself which contains some piece of information you want to share. Just head towards and create one for your own. 

Create QR code
Create QR code

You just need to add the information in text (max 255 ) and you would get your own QR ( Quirify ) code for yourself. Download it as image and exchange it as an information.


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    We strongly believe QR Codes are just such a cool thing and when adopted by the public, new innovations are most likely to be created as well.

    Let’s get the whole world qurifying!

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