Blurb : Creating book out of your Bookmarks, Images and Notes

Bookmarking is an art because its just not about storing a site url to remember but also to productively utilize it. For an example I have around 130 Bookmarks on various Car Designs I had been reading on. With time I had updated topics and kept only useful ones.

When I say Bookmark, I am not just saying the bookmark you make on browser but also images, notes, pictures you had taken at home also.

So now all these 130 URLS if anybody can read, gets a clear on idea on car designs and models but then sharing is very difficult. Now what If I can print it and share it with one I want or may be gift this to one who  has same passion for cars like me ?

Blurb Books from Bookmarks
Blurb Books from Bookmarks

Blurb is exactly doing this. They are taking bookmarking to next level by letting you  print what you had been discovering since a long time. Its like taking photographs on digital camera and then print the selected and exclusive ones. So now you can get a book printed with the way you want and with what you had collected so long.

Turning pages  Books from Bookmarks
Turning pages Books from Bookmarks

Blurb comes with software which allows you to create books from the available bookmarks. This software has been developed keeping in mind that end product will be an printed book, so when you start you should be sure what is the size of the book you are looking for.

Choosing a right size of your book
Choosing a right size of your book

Features :

  • Predefined layout for pages, pictures, journal type, Poetry style, blog to book etc.
  • Support for Image import from Photobucket, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Smugmug.
  • Theme support.
  • Design and Edit Front and Back page.
  • Add copyright notice
  • Select different layout for every page.
  • Create a book in collaboration.
Page Layouts for book
Page Layouts for book

Blurb is one of the most promising software which definitely has a great market scope. My sister has been doing this from a long time except that he never used a software but did all manually and it makes a real gift that people will never forget.

The pricing will depend on whats the size of the book, number of pages etc. Like one I saw was around 32$ if you have page of 440, which is pretty much affordable if you consider of the customization and layouts you get.

So if you are willing to get a book printed out of your memories, Blurb is the right choice for you.

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