Creating diagram out of words : diagrammr

Creating mind maps and diagrams are probably the right way to understand anything and they had always been an a great alternative to slide show presentations.

Diagrammr is one service which simplifies the whole process of creating diagrams based on text written in English. Here is small example on how it is

If you see it clearly it uses grammar as its driving force to separate out objects and nouns to create the complete flow chart. I am assuming Digrammr = Diagram based on Grammar.

You can also use to analyze how your emails, articles and sentences would virtually get imagined as diagrams when a person reads. After all we have more of visual memory than anything else.

Just a word of caution that Diagrammr would work with small paragraphs rather than huge paragraphs. So you just cannot put the whole article and imagine to work flawlessly. Check out Digrammr.


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