Customize Windows 7 Taskbar Middle Click and Left Click Action

Windows 7 Taskbar ( Superbar) can be used in many ways Pinning the icons and folders is one of them and if you right click you get options available which is either mentioned by website, in case of Explorer, or applications.

When you open lot of windows of same type e.g. Multiple Tabs or Multiple Windows in Chat,  Taskbar groups all of them. Now if you click on the group icon it gives you a preview of all the window and option to close them.

Taskbar Overload

This AutoHotKey script overrides the above behavior of the default taskbar properties. So what happens is

  • When you Left click on the group of icons it displays the last used windows.
  • Middle Click closes all the windows.

So that’s all about it and here is nice option. If you don’t want both the features and only one, Jay has created 3 setup which you can use.Task bar Overlord Executable are available separately for  Left and Middle Click., Left Click Only and Middle Click Only. And if you like this keep a track by subscribing to this feed

You can read more in detail on this official post. | Related :  How to Change size of Taskbar thumbnail


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