CustoPack Tools brings ultimate Windows 7 Style Customization

We have talked about a lot of Windows 7 Theme which changes the wallpaper, sound notification etc. Today we picked on another tool which brings so much of customization that themes can never do.  As a summary this tool, CustoPack, lets you change icons, visual styles, background, fonts, cursors, notifications,  use colour folders, add softwares, change DLL. It’s a complete Visual Style tool for Windows 7.

CustoPack Tools


Another advantage of using this tool is that not only you can download the customization created by the software developer but you can create your own package and edit any existing ones which you have downloaded.   They have a dedicated help page on this.

You can also add any additional software that you would like to get installed with the package for example Rocket Docks which is used here. You can submit your created packs with them so that it can be shared with all.

CustoPack Tools Options

The only thing which i found a bit annoying was that this tool is configured to install toolbars along with it and unless changed from configuration you will be prompted often. This can be changed from settings and configuration section. Get the CustoPacks from here



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