Day 2 : WordCamp India Event Live Notes

We did a live post yesterday on WordCamp India 2009 with every details which was talked about. This is Day 2 of Wordcamp India and we will keep updating the same way with details as much possible. Keep Track of it!!!

10:10 AM

Ankesh Kothari : Turning your WordPress Blog into a business

  • Money Making and World Changing
  • Most Blogs shutdown in 6 months. Reason : Lack of incentives and rewards which kills the motivation.
  • Putting ads on blogs is a bad idea.
  • How you compete with big media companies
  • Tripod Strategy == TS
  • TS Prong 1 :  Hosting Writers and Content
  • TS Prong 2 : Advertising and Promotion i.e. Creates a traffic loop
  • How to create a front end product within one day : Sell Interviews
  • TS Prong 3 : Backends :  Guest Posting, Social Media, Forums, PPC search Engines and Affiliates
  • Spider Strategy : Dont chase and sit like spider.

10 : 30 – 11:30

Having a great discussion with lot of people here. More of networking and idea exchange with materialized channels


Pavan Duggal, Advocate Supreme Court of India  ::  Copyright what it entails for bloggers

  • Who does the MMS belong to ?
  • You are the owner of the Instrument you buy. Then you create the MMS which makes you an author.
  • On Whomsoever you shoot with permission belongs to person who asked you
  • When you create MMS ( upsurd or not public viewable ) is that a crime ? Viewing Pornography is not againts law .
  • When you create something and make something concrete of it like printing on paper then it becomes copyrighted.
  • Copyright or Right to Copy – whats the difference.
  • Does copyright means you have copy to right ?
  • Copyright applies to any expressible form of an idea or information is substantive and discrete.
  • Can apply to any concrete expression of work.
  • Copyright is for a certain period of time, after which time to work is daid to enter the public domain.
  • What you interpret and produce is different with every person.
  • Indian Copyright ACT, 1957 : –
  • Defines the meaning of copyright.
  • Provides legal regime to protect copyright which can increase the time period depending on the will, political, public noise or historic factors.
  • In India copyright exists for Lifetime of author + 60 years
  • When you buy something you become the owner but don’t have copyright unless its sold to you.
  • In a group work the copyright lifetime is the last person life time + 60 years
  • What is Patent ?
  • When you invent something new it gets specifically get covered by patents.
  • We can patent a business method in US but not in India as there is a law which says its not allowed.
  • Is Domain Name a copyright ?
  • A domain is combination of alphabets which is referring to unique IP or unique identity which can be copyrighted but under trademark
  • Uniform Domain name dispute policy : If you feel any name belongs to you you fine a online arbitration.  If you have trademark right you can have copyright on domain.
  • Intellectual Property is created by an intellect which is decided by patent, copyright and trademark.
  • You can file a Lawsuit in India which is against trademark.
  • If some company comes after 5 years( which sounds similar to your domain ) doesn’t have any right on your domain name as they came into existence   after you.
  • Classes of work that can be copyrighted :
  • Original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. Posts which is created by you using your original thoughts and ideas is copyrighted. Cinematographic films and sound recordings.
  • We need to be very particular when you sign for selling copyright.  Never sell everything or transfer intellectual copyright. Be as narrow as possible.
  • Exceptions in Copyright
  • Private use, including research, criticism or review.
  • For the purpose of reporting current events
  • Trademark : Its a mark under which you do your work . It cannot be text but with combination of sketch along with word or purely text
  • Resources : and

1:30 pm

Presentation on Adobe Air and applications.

  • How internet started
  • How it has come to RIA and reached out almost anybody in the world.
  • When internet started it as only about data.
  • Web was never design to be interactive.
  • Then E commerce came and things started moving online.
  • Now its not about data nor about selling  but more on conversation and opinions.
  • Conversation  and opinion has reach where your ideas are read by millions of people.
  • We need to be responsible when you have reach over millions of people and you make an impact.
  • How Adobe fits in these places ?
  • Synchronous Collaboration, Flash, Image, PDF, HTML, Movies and audio.
  • Adobe:  how the world engage and ideas exchange.
  • Is Air Tangible ( Adobe Integrated Runtime )
  • Why web application would need to come as desktop application.
  • Break free from the browsers chrome
  • Branding is easy when it comes to desktop application.
  • You can do more with desktop application than web. Flickr uploader desktop app can upload files without even you feeling a constrain.
  • Take advantage of local resources and running applications in background.
  • Developing and application :
  • Conceptualzing Design and Coding
  • Packaging for distribution for every platform i.e. msi, rpm etc.
  • Updation : How easy users can update ? If it is seemless its more preffered.
  • User trust : Publishers trust and Application trust. Its imprtant to verify any application.
  • This will make your application reach millions of people
  • Application ubuquity
  • Selection of Platform. Its not easy to share between different platforms
  • Technical Domain Knowledge
  • Why Air  and what air can do ?
  • Air is cross operating system run time that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills to build and deploy desktop application.

3: 30 pm

Matt talking about Taxonomy

  • Talking on how tag taxonomy working.
  • Whats the difference between custom field and taxonomy : Custom Field == key value pairs while taxonomy is behind the scenes which plays with category and tags. It creates a universal id and then relationship to whatever its attached.
  • Showing Moods is like custom field but if I want to show from where i posted i.e. location thats taxonomy
  • Every artist attached to cd is where taxonomy plays the roles
  • Category is what you create ahead of time but tags is something which you might also use it once.

4: 05 pm Some feature request has been given to Matt. lets see who wins the best feature suggestion for wordpress

  • Google Adsense to be added to wordpress blogs : Matt says its because quality to be maintained.
  • Widgetised Themes where you can drap and drag instead of editing the page : Matt says Its difficult to modularize
  • New WordPress Default theme : Matt says Its being created.
  • Video upload api
  • Bbpress and buddy press combination
  • Templates for Polldaddy : Matt is sending this idea to polldaddy.
  • Debugging tool for wordpress blogs : Matt says they are already using something like this.
  • If we could provide a plugin that would tell plugin authors when something goes wrong.

4:50 PM

Open Panel Discussion:  Will blog replace media

Panelists : Sanjay Sindhwani , Mr Madhavan HT, Om malik and Matt

  • Sanjay Madhvani : Blog have created niche based source with advertising around it. Why does Media exists : Advertisers get mass media and they can aggregate huge number of iballs but blogs are niche specific. Challenge is more to Magazine publishing channels  who are most niche based.
  • Madhavan : For anything to be valuable it has to be unique. If the blogs meet this criteria they have will have huge future ahead. Blogs dont have big future to supplement to media. Conventional Media can coopt blogs in their niche.
  • Om Malik : He compared how  media factors are also availble in blog.  Distribution of media has become so easy and the Current media is going under change. Bloggers would go for media ways and Media will bring blogs into it. Blogs can take over  media and successful.
  • Matt : He wanted to know the water analogy which Madhavan made where he considered blogs to be tap water and media as mineral water. He says Blogs if can have authority and bring quality, blogs can become mineral water. ( I totally agree with this. Blogs should maintain the quality )
  • Om Malik : There is markety for traditional media but they have to smart about it
  • Madhavan : Broadband 3g is coming and that will change lot of things. Both blogs and media both are here to stay.
  • Om Malik : He is told that there are lay offs happening in publishers as we talk.
  • Om Malik : Blogging is driven by penetration of broadband. Blog is creation driven phenomenon not consumption driven.
  • Om Malik : blogs dont start with business model they start with creating self expressions.
  • Madhavan : We are happy of recession in US,it gives us a chance to come back
  • Matt : People just love wirting and its like quater million posts every day on  86% of US people read blog everyday.
  • Madhavan : Matt has changed a lot when it comes to blogging.
  • Matt : Magazine and news paper are beautiful package of great content
  • Madhavan : Bloggermediaries  . Editing remains a value of proposition. Disc jockeys are not substitute of music they just deliver music in a better way.
  • Om  Malik to media guys: Be ready,dont wait for blogs to overtake you!
  • Madhavan : We don’t want truth to be blurred. Journalism is Objective and Blogging belongs in subjective
  • Om Malik : There is no difference between the two.  What you do is more important. It doesnt matter what label you put but if do it right you are a reporter. Its a fine line. Its all labels.
  • Madhavan : Intepretion is where Opinion meets the fact.
  • Om Malik : You have to write with all the facts infront of you. If you cant then just put it as opinion. Do not fake the intelligence of the readers. You cannot fool all the people all the time.  One wrong scoop can spoil your image on the world . What is the level of morality you feel inside is important.

6:00 PM

Pavan Duggal on IT Act and Cybercrime

  • Hacking is deleted from the law.
  • Legislation that goes extremely soft on cyber criminals with a soft heart.
  • Distinct absence of logic and rationale in reducing of the quantom of punishment for various offenses.
  • Anything that is hosted on computer system and is availble in territory of that country the law abides on that.
  • Now cybercrimes to be investigates but by a DSP but by an inspector.
  • New laws for bloggers Section 79 is one of them.
  • Bloggers has been advised to be careful what they write.
  • There is another concept called as E-hafta which seems interesting.

6: 40 PM

The meets has officailly ended here and it was love doing live blogging and attending Wordcamp India 2009.  Kindly pardon me if there had been some mistakes in writing and I disclose that this information is what I have heard and is not what I have said. Thanks


  1. Thanx a lot for the post. I left a bit early and missed the last two sessions. Incidentally, Shanker Bakshi won the feature suggestion contest.


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