Dead Simple DVD to AVI Converter / Ripper

The first thing we all do after getting a video dvd is to rip it and save it our hard disk. Now to save space one of the good option which keeps the quality of the videos is the AVI format.  We have talked about lot of Video Converters including the Blaze Media Converter which is like one stop converter but when I saw Bit Ripper i was completely blow of by its minimalist interface and its potential.

It detects your CD / DVD drive and even the tracks inside, so best suitable for the video dvd which you buy and want to keep it on your hard drive.  You can choose where to store the output file and make sure you do check out the settings.

BitRipper Conversion

This software is free for personal use and comes with a free license which is give to you when you download the file. Use the register button to add it.

The settings get enabled only of you have a video dvd in place. Settings give you option to change resolution of the video and also lets you use the codex already installed on your computer. Though it comes with XVID so you dont have to go and hunt for the codecs. Make sure you calculate bit  rate and check the configuration. However if you are pretty novice to this, just leave it to defaults.

Bit Ripper Configuration

If you have huge collection of videos to be converted you can make use of Shutdown Computer option once it gets done. Make sure you have chosen the right power plan when using this over a laptop so it doesn’t go to sleep.

Download BitRipper | Convert DVD to High quality 3GP Mobile format


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