Decide how each File Type should act with FileTypesMan

In Windows, a file type is mostly associated with certain program so when you want to edit, view or run it, it can call its program to do more appropriate actions. Now if you have a lot of file types on your computer and you really want to take control on how each file type and the action associated with it should behave, FileTypesMan is an excellent alternative to File Types Manager program in Windows.This application gives you more control apart from just changing association to its relevant program.

What this program does ?

When you launch it, it builds a list of all file types registered with your windows and get all the details available.

  • The list is available in tabular format which can be sorted.
  • Gives you option to edit the file type and its details.
  • Open the File type details in Registry ( Regedit )
  • Define New Action for a particular file, This is useful if you want to open this file in a program but also need to pass some more information which the program can use.
  • Allows you to select a program from already running program.
  • You can add DDE info i.e. Message, Application ifexec and Topic which is required by Windows to understand how to open any particular file type.
Add new Actions for a File Type

Below is the feature list.

Control What Happens with the File Extension :

  • Hide certain file types from getting displayed in Windows File Type Association List.
  • Open the file type as soon as your computer downloads it. This option is generally configured from the browser but if you set it here, it will work on every browser.
  • You can also disable the never ask me which saves accidental checks. This option is shown when you set it to launch as soon as download is complete.
  • Hide the file extension to get displayed in recent document list. This means none of the document with that file extension will be displayed.
  • Add it to New Item list when you right-click on empty part of explorer.
  • Block it to get opened in the browser which is sometimes annoying such as an image opening in browser.
File Type Metadata


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