Decrease Windows 7 / Vista load time by Delay Executing Start up programs

Normally in Windows even after you login to your account the system keeps on executing and it takes sometime before you actually can start working normally. This latency is due to set of programs which are programmed to load one after the other and hence keeps the system busy consuming high resource and memory.

Delay Execution of Start up programs or DelayedExec is one solution for beating this stressed state of the Windows 7 and Vista. This program  allows you to add user defined delays in between all the programs which are scheduled to run on start up. You can also change the order of execution of the program if you wish.

Using this program  means you can load in your favorite program first and then the rest of program. So lets say you want your Outlook express for checking mails to run first and then others just set it on top of the scheduled delays and add higher delay between Outlook and next program.

Add Delay to startup programs
Add Delay to startup programs

The above image shows 2 sections. The first section is the default vista start up programs. The next section is what will contain Delayed Startup applications.

  • To add any start up program to delayed startup rule, just hit the clock button. To undo or retrieve it back to normal startup just hit the blue arrow button.
  • The next 2 green button is for arranging or re ordering the programs withing the Delayed start up applications list.
  • The Cross button ( be careful with it ) will delete the selected program not only from the list but also from the above start up list. There is no revert back key for this so be sure what you are going to select.

This is an open source program developed by Sivan Segve and needs Dot net framework version 3.5.  As per my experience this program also needs administrator privileges ( run as administrator ) as you are going to change order of start up execution. You can download the code form here .

Overall its a nice program which you can use and try different combination to load into Windows Vista fatser. But be careful not to remove things from the start-up.

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