Set Delay Time for Startup Programs to decrease Windows Load time

Generally, in Windows, even after you login to your account, the system keeps on executing, and it takes sometime before you actually can start working regularly. This latency is due to the set of programs which are programmed to load one after the other and hence keep the system busy consuming high resource and memory. In this p[ost, we will use the Startup Delayer Program to set Delay Time for Startup Programs to decrease Windows Load time

It works on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Set Delay Time for Startup Programs to decrease Windows Load time

Startup Delayer is one of the solutions for beating this stressed state of Windows10. This program allows you to add user-defined delays in between all the programs which are scheduled to run on startup. You can also change the order of execution of the program if you wish.

Set Delay Time Startup Programs

Using this program means you can load in your favorite program first and then the rest of the program. So let’s say you want your Outlook express to check emails to run first, and then others just set it on top of the scheduled delays and add a higher delay between Outlook and the next program.

Features of Startup Delayer

  • Setup delay of startup programs for all the users on the computer
  • The custom sequence of programs makes sure the application you want to access first is ready before everything else.
  • Delay can be based on CPU and disk idle time.
  • Multiple apps can be set to delayed to disabled.
  • Add new applications to startup.
  • Access to running tasks and servicesSet Delay Time Startup Programs
  • Create a process-based dependencies to launch a program. You can choose to load it entirely before launching the dependent application.
  • Backup restore settings and use it on a similar computer.
  • Maintains logs of the previous startup which helps you analyze if any of the programs was slowing down the experience
  • Search integration makes it easy to find programs.
  • Multiple Startup profiles
  • Any applications that are deleted from within Startup Delayer can be restored by using the Manage Deleted Applications command.

While there are tons of ways to delay startup programs or altogether disable it, it is best to use the software as you can always carry a backup and restore. It also makes sure you can find removed applications and logs to help to diagnose.

We hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to decrease Windows load time by delaying Startup programs.

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