Delay Service Startup to boot your Windows event faster

Anything set to start with your windows will increase the time to get your control over the windows machine i.e. in simple language windows booting time is increased. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has important feature, Automatic Delayed Startup,  which I have not seen many people using it but it actually can speed up your computer booting time overall.

However my suggestion is to use it with programs and application you know about i.e. any program which you have installed and should be launched automatically. So instead of completely removing it from the startup, use this option. This is also helpful for IT Admins who want to start their servers faster.

  • Go to Services, ( Type Services in your Windows Start Menu )
  • Double click on a service.
  • Look for a caption which says Startup Type
  • Select Automatic ( Delayed Start )
  • Save and exit.

Delayed Startup Windows Services

Now what will happen is those services will start after the boot is complete and that with a short delay. Some of the already configured services for Delayed Automatic Startup are Windows Search and Windows Update.

Windows Services with Delayed Startup Set

For any other program you need to find it in the services list and then set the option. You should be an Admin User to set this up.

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