Delete Files & Folders which refuses to : File Unlocker

Many a times it happens that when you try to delete a file or a folder it fails and gives you all different kind of messages like Folder Does not exists, it is being used by some process, cannot be renamed and so on.

This happens because of various reasons for example it is being used by another person, you might have opened it up in some other application. Also it is possible that there is a problem in the OS itself which is not allowing the files specially when you do not have permission or when disk is write protected.

So baseline is that there are many reasons for this and you want to get it done but using the regular process you cannot do it even if you have rebooted your windows many times.

So today we stumbled upon another software called as File Unlocker which helps to resolve this process by removing these kind of locks which windows has forgotten to.

How to use this ?

Select a Folder or the file directly which you cannot delete. In case it is a folder you will see a list of folders in use. Next you can select any of them and unlock it and do what you plan to do next. In case you wanted to rename or copy or move or delete it, you can do that to from the same interface.  This reminds of the unlocker tool which we used to delete 0KB files but this has copy process and kill process which is an advantage over that.

Free File Unlocker

Though I have not tested but the developers of this application claim that they can even terminate malware / virus and trojans which are difficult to get rid of.

File Unlocker also gives you more information about the locked file. You can see Process using it, Process id, Handles, File Size, Last Write Time, Process Start Time etc. Though for normal users this will be practically useless but if you are developing some application you can use them to find these information.

Using from Command Line :

Another advantage of using this tool is you have command line access which means you can use it along with your program like Task Manager and execute it at certain interval of time to create a report. It can give you details on file input lists, copy destination lists, move destination lists and rename lists. It comes along with a portable version which will make your job easier.

Download from here


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