Dealing with Long Named Folders

It may so happen that when deleting a folder you get an error message from Windows which says “The folder contains items whose name is too long for the Recycle Bin”.  In simple words it means Windows cannot delete the folder because the name of the file is way too long, I am not sure but it is rather amusing what it has to do with Recycle bin.

How do you delete them ?

Rename : That’s the most simple solution if you have only few folders with these kind of names, best is to rename them manually and works best when its only top folders. There is a quick way to rename such folder if they all are in same place.

Command Line : You can use command line option,  RD or RMDIR but this will fail if there are such long named directories inside. You can also use rename command and keep changing directory and rename again.

Bulk Rename Utility  :

This utility is pretty complex and powerful when you want to rename based on many options and need regular expression.  You can use this utility to rename these long named folders one by one. Te advantage here is much quicker and useful when you want to rename files instead of renaming it.

Make sure to choose parent folder first and use remove option with remove first 200 words from the long name. You will get a live preview when you select a folder.

Bulk Renamer for Long Folder Names


DelinFile :

This is a paid software but at least gives you three chance to delete long folder names even when it is in a sub folder.  The advantage here is that you can delete sub folders in one shot. Since these kind of situations dont happen often you can try it.

DelinvFile Long File Renamer



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