Design professional looking logos for free

If you want a really very profession looking logo for your website or may be for some other purpose, here is an awesome online tool which allows you to do this for free. LogoEase is great way to create amazing logos. You just need to create an account by providing your email address, and later you get the access to this tool.

Create amazing Professional looking logos for free

Once you are in, use the ‘start your logo’ option to get started, a window pops out, and asks you to select an image category for your logo, as shown below.

Select an image category for your logo LE

Click on desired category to proceed; now it will show you the available images in that category, click on the image of your choice, and it will redirect you to the editor page, with the selected image loaded on it.

Fully customize you logo LE

In this step, you can finally create your logo; all the required customization can be done. Write text on logo, select a color for each component of logo, rotate and scale up or scale down the logo components etc. can be done in this step.

Once done with this simply click on the save button, and soon you get the option to download this logo, also each and every logo you design is saved in your account to access it at any point of time in future.

Save, modify, download the created logo LE

When you click to download the logo, the download link is delivered in your inbox, using this link you can download the zip file, which has the same logo in multiple file formats like, jpg, png (transparent), tif etc. also in multiple resolutions.

This seems to be a great way of creating logos online, also it is full featured, in my opinion LogoEase is an awesome tool, however if you are interested in a full featured desktop application to create logos, LogoMaker is a nice app, also Twitlogo is a nice online tool to create Twitter like logos.

Go ahead, make a choice and generate a logo for yourself, also share with us via comments that which one you liked and why.

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