Design your own bike with Urban Outfitters Bike Shop

Biking has been one of my passions, though I don’t ride bikes anymore, but will get one soon so that I can go for biking at weekends or sometime when I am not too busy. Biking is something awesome for health as well, nice way to keep you fit.

Urban Outfitters has come up with an awesome bike shop, you can design your own bikes here, and later you can order to buy them online as well.


You get almost all the options, and can easily design a nice bike with the color combination of your own choice. Select the Frame size and color, Grip color, Chain color, Tire color, Rim color etc.

All the colors can be changed by clicking on the part whose color is to be changed.

You can buy the bike you created for yourself, it takes them 7 business days to make the product ready to shipped, due to some backlogs, hope they will soon reduce it.

The shipping is done in US only, however in India I don’t think there exists a service of same kind, in fact you can’t even go for some customizations anyhow, but using this tool can give you a fair idea of what kind of color combination will suit your style, so try the Urban Outfitters Bike Shop for this purpose.

Try Urban Outfitters Bike Shop


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