Dexpot – Virtual Desktop with Rules and Search

Dexpot is a nice utility for Virtual Desktops, this best for people who keep many folders or applications open, which makes the task bar very complicated, as shown below.

But guess what ? Concept of Virtual Desktop is getting older and that’s where  Dexpot makes the difference.  It can do 3 major things which I have not seen any other of 3D Virtual Desktops We had tried here

  • Shows you a snap shot of all the windows availble in a virtual desktop  – This can be really helpful as it will save lot of time.
  • Set rules
    • You can set rules according to Window Title, or Executable and move it to other desktop area automatically
    • You can even Copy,Set transparency, close windows and many other things using rules.
    • And on top you can either combine 2 or more rules together or just use it like “OR” to execute one of out of 10
  • Search within all Desktops
  • Others are You can set resolution for each desktop  and You can see all the desktops as slide show

You can install the small setup of 1.8 Mb from  here. Once you have installed the Dexpot, you can launch it and right clicking on the tray icon allows you to see several other options. So this seems to be pretty useful and convenient too, I liked it a lot, give it a try and have your say.


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