Dictate to type an email or update on your iPhone, iPad and Blackberry

Whatever be the size and layout of the keyboard on your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, it can never be compared to the ease of use as experienced on a laptop or desktop. If you agree to this, here is something you were looking for, Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad, and Dragon for E-mail for BlackBerry.

Both provide almost same functionality, i.e. you can dictate to type an email on your Phone or iPad, and this doesn’t only allow you to dictate the body of email message, but also allows you to type the subject line and contact name as well.

Dragon Dictation (Free iPad and iPhone app) –

Feature list –

  • Voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, Email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard
  • Submit text to Social Networking applications – Twitter and Facebook
  • Convenient editing feature that provides a list of suggested words
  • Voice driven correction interface

iPad Screenshots –

Free app to dictate emails on your iPad

Dragon Dictate Free iPad app to Dictate emails

iPhone Screenshots –

Dragon Dictate Free iPhone app to Dictate emails

Free app to dictate emails on your iPhone

Read more and Download Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad.

Dragon for E-mail (BlackBerry App) –

Screenshots –

Free BlackBerry app to Dictate emails

Free Blackberry app allows you to compose email over dictation

Dragon for E-mail Free BlackBerry app to Dictate emails

Download Dragon for Email for your BlackBerry.

These apps are really useful, and it is claimed that they make sending emails and updating your status on social networking sites five times faster.