Did you notice Chrome’s Page Flip Theme Changer

Today morning when I launched the Chrome browser I notice a small difference. There was Page Flip at the bottom right of the page which looks like this :

Chrome theme changer

This link points to the official Chrome Theme gallery from where you can select any of the 30 available themes to apply in your chrome browser :

  • Classic, Baseball, Brushed, Candy, Color Chips, Cork Board, Desktop, Dots
  • Earthy, Floral Blue, Folders, Glossy Blue, Glow, Gradient, Grass, Greyscale
  • Horizontal Stripe, Late Night, Legal Pad, Marble, Minimal, Pencil Sketch
  • Quilt, Star Gazing, Stitches, Topography, Transparent, Vertical Stripe and Zen Spring

The themes once selected will get downloaded in .crx format and will be applied to your chrome browser automatically with an option to undo which pops up once.

This is how it looks like when a theme is applied. Though the themes are not very impressive but keeping in mind the lightness of chrome, I think it fits the need.

In case you want to change the chrome’s theme back to default, Open the configuration panel and go to Options. Look for Personal Stuff and you should be able to see the Themes option. Just click on the button which says Reset to default theme.


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