File Management 101: Learn Some Of The Different Uses Of PDFBear

People all over the world are doing all their work done online and through the famous MS Office program. Most of us use them daily because we can save enough paper through the help of  MS Word, Excel, and even most presentations are being made through PowerPoint. Especially during this pandemic where people are now working from their homes.

Sending out your files to different recipients is a little bit risky because, somehow, your files may get corrupted and can be prone to various alterations, which may destroy your hard work. That’s why PDFBear is being created to help everyone with different problems that we might encounter with our files.

Learn More About PDFBear

PDFBear is one of the websites online which can help you with your PDF files and MS Office files problems just for free. This website doesn’t only convert different MS Office files to PDF and vice-versa, but it also has many useful tools you will need for your PDF files. Like, the Compress PDF, Split PDF, rotate PDF, repair PDF, PDF unlock, and many more.

This website doesn’t also offer those tools for free, but they can also protect all your files uploaded to their system through their technology. Once your file is uploaded and your work is done with PDFBear, they will automatically delete your file without saving anything in their system.

Protect Your Files With PDFBear

With PDFBear, you can easily protect your file from people you don’t want to see your work and keep your files very private that no one could ever steal it from you.  That is through the help of their tool, namely the protect PDF. You can input your password, making your file more secret to others with these simple steps.

First, upload the file that you want to set a password for and wait for a few seconds until the small box will appear and type your very own password. Next, when the encryption to PDF  is done, you can easily download that file to your very own device.

Unlock Files  With PDFBear

PDF Bear Unlock File

There are some instances that we might forget things, especially in the password of our PDF. That’s very normal to humans, so don’t worry too much because PDFBear has the tool to help you unlock that PDF of yours. Here are four very simple steps to help you achieve that goal.

First, select the file that you want to unlock and upload it to their system. Second, when it’s done scanning, start inputting your very own password; next, when everything is done, you can proceed on clicking the unlock PDF. The system will automatically decrypt that file, and it will be ready for you to download to your desktop or any other device.

Convert Word To PDFBear

Before sending your Word files to different recipients, you should always convert your files to PDF to avoid alterations and so that people can easily view your file no matter what software they are using. Through the Convert Word to PDF tool, you can also shrink your files into a smaller one making it easier to attach to different email platforms.

To convert your word file to PDF, upload your desired word file to their system; next, they will automatically scan your file and convert it to PDF. Once the conversion is done, your file will be ready for download.


The internet is entertaining to use, and ever since it was invented, it has made our lives a lot easier, especially in our respective jobs. Thanks to the famous MS Office programs, we got the chance to save more papers that help our very own mother Earth. We also all know that there are many different consequences when we send out files through the web.

Thanks to the very helpful PDFBear, you don’t have to worry about anything with your files. Just log into their website and look for that tool that will help you with your needs. PDFBear is just one click away!


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