Clean up folders by Moving files based on extensions to another folder

I remember we used to curse people who had messy arrangements ( irony!) of folders and files and it used to be so messy that he used to keep important documents into movies folder and was never able to find whats gone where.

Digital Janitor, A Janitor is someone employed to clean and maintain a building, allows you to clean up your folders by letting you pull files based on extensions to another folder. Call it a vacuum cleaner with smart ass filter.

Digital Janitor
Digital Janitor

Cleaning Download Folders

Take an example of your download directory. We dump each and every file into it.  Now what if you can configure this janitor so that it can move files based on their extension to different folder. This will make it easy to handle files.

Cleaning massive folders structures :

If you have folders which are like a dense forest inside and you don’t know which fruits are growing where, clean it with this. This will act like a detection tool for you to find out if you have accidentally left files where they were not supposed to be.

There could be more usage than this of which I found the above two to be most useful.  Download Digital janitor from here ( Mirror ) Via LifeHacker

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