Digital Lens to help developers build UI for visually impaired

Microsoft’s Israel R & D Center has developed an interesting product called as Digital Lens which can help developers in building UI which can be evenly seen by the Visually impaired people who are suffering from colour blindness or anything on the same lines.

By emulating common impaired vision conditions, Digital Lens users can find issues in the UI and fix them before the product is released – with Digital Lens you are able to design a more accessible product.

Digital Lens

The filters used are :

  • Green-Red – Simulates green & red color blindness
  • Yellow-Blue – Simulates yellow & blue color blindness
  • Black-White – Simulates full color blindness
  • Blur  – Simulates blurry vision
  • Dazzle – Simulates glare

Here is a video demonstrating that.

As a matter of fact this filter had been used for developing UI for Bing, you can see in more detail here.


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