Directx 11 coming in 2009 with Falcon [Video]

Looks like 3D games are going to get into another world of ultimate graphics. With directx 10 still doing the magic and dveeloping ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Device said they expect DirectX 11 compatible graphics processing units (GPUs) in 2009. Next Year!!!

Update : CTP version of Directx 11 released, Download SDK and run time environment.

With the snapshot availble at Gizmodo it seems like  DirectX 11 next OS to Vista ,Windows 7 will play a major role in GPU usability. If I dont remember wrong Windows 7 should be out by next year end or at least a preview.

Directx 11 and Windows 7

Moreover on this article it seems like AMD will be running the next processor with 16 cores ( 40nm technology ) and will be using Directx 11 which tells us how much power would be required to drive it. They have even give snapshots of Performance Road map of AMD which gives more hints towards Dirfectx 11.

Amd desktop performance roadmap

However we just cant put off Directx 10 yet. Its going to get into more developments and improve. But there is one thing sure that with the advent of AMD GPU and Directx 11. Here is what Falcon Fusion family will have

Falcon Fusion Family

So just wait and watch for the Fusion and if you want more on it check out The Future of Fusion


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