Disable / Hide Facebook Questions [Browser add-ons and Scripts]

We recently saw the Theater View for Photos on Facebook wasn’t very warmly welcomed, people kept on looking for ways to get rid of it ( manually or using Extensions ) , by resuming the same old style of viewing the photos, later Facebook recently launched the Questions feature, a feature which was probably an initiative to get the queries of the Facebook users replied in a social way.This idea sounds quite appealing to me, it’s a very genuine feature, we are often stuck with so many queries, which do have a very simple answer, but somehow we face really tough time finding the answer, and in such scenarios, the Questions feature on Facebook can be really helpful.

But it didn’t actually worked this way. And in my opinion the reason people started hating Questions was the improper use of it. Whats the use of making people predict about the winners of a match, or why somebody should reply to your question – If he or she is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. And this brought what can be termed as a Failure to this nice feature. People started hating Questions, and several of us are seen hunting for ways to get rid of it, they (we) simply don’t want to see even a single Questions post in our Facebook feed.

If you too are looking for a way to get rid of it, here is a simple way, if you are a Chrome user, there is a direct extension, else you need to play around with the settings , and you are out of it.

How to Disable or Hide Facebook Questions

Disabling Facebook Questions in Chrome :

Disabling the Questions feature in Chrome is the simplest one, all you need to so is install an extension, refresh your Facebook and there you are with your Questions-less Facebook profile. Read more about the Chrome Extension here.

Disabling Facebook Questions in Firefox :

Disabling the Questions feature isn’t as simple as in case of Chrome. Here you will have to install the Greasemonky add-on, and later you will have to install this Facebook Questions Remover script to get rid of the Questions.

Disabling Facebook Questions in Internet Explorer ( IE ) :

The same script will probably work with other browsers as well, provided you have either Greasemonkey or other alternates to Greasemonkey installed in your browser, like the Greasemonkey alternate to IE is Trixie.

I tried searching for a direct add-on or extension for other browsers but didn’t find any, so, as of now, you can try using the Chrome or the Firefox as your Facebook browser (if you can’t or don’t want to switch to Chrome or Firefox as your default browser).


  1. Thanks for the link to my “Hide Facebook Questions” Chrome extension! I’m saddened to say that the extension was taken down today by Google, cause Facebook claimed trademark infringement. (Though I was careful to read their terms before publishing my extension, apparently they weren’t very clear.) I’ve removed “Facebook” from the name and it’s pending approval, so I hope it is back up soon! Thanks for your support!


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