Disclaimer about the Name:Technospot is just a mere abbreviation of Technology Spot or a pool of technical stuff.It has nothing to do with any persons or companies name.

Disclaimer about the Content:

This Blog is Just posts of personal experience of what i have learned and experienced.It was nothing to do with anybody else.Whatever i have written or i am going to write could work in some case and might not hold true in others.So i would like to say that all i am writing is for the benefit of the readers and if theres any issues do write back to me and i will try to fix it if possible but I dont hold any responsibility in case something goes wrong with your machine or you.

Disclaimer about the logo:

This logo had been designed by me on Saturday,November 04 2006 and is not copied from any site or company or related ot a person.If it is so is a major co-incidence.