Discord Cannot Resize Gif Error [Fix]

People use GIFs and images to add interest to Discord chats. But what happens if Discord displays the Cannot resize GIF error, and you cannot upload a GIF emote? This post looks at various solutions if you cannot resize GIF images and see the Something went wrong, Cannot resize GIF error on Discord.Discord Cannot resize GIF error

Why can’t I resize GIF on Discord?

The Discord Cannot resize GIF error message appears when you attempt to upload a GIF file incompatible with the application’s specifications. Discord requires that any GIF files you upload have a size of less than 256 KB and, ideally, a resolution of no more than 128 x 128. This applies to all of the GIFs with emojis that you upload. To fix the problem in such a case, you will need to resize the GIF that you are trying to upload.

Discord cannot resize GIF error [fix]

Given below are three solutions to fix the error:

  1. Reduce the GIF’s file size
  2. Send GIFs via Discord after uploading them to a website that hosts images
  3. Try other troubleshooting methods

1] Reduce the GIF’s file size

Discord has size restrictions on animated GIF uploads. The GIF’s dimensions cannot be larger than 128 by 128 pixels. Therefore, you need to resize the problematic GIF if its size is larger than suggested.

At present, Windows offers multiple ways to resize an animated GIF. You can use specialized software or a free online tool to accomplish the same. You can use internet resources like ILoveIMG, Gifgit.com, and Ezgif.com. In addition, you can resize an animated GIF with GIMP.

2] Send GIFs via Discord after uploading them to a website that hosts images

If the issue continues, you can share the GIF on Discord by providing a link after uploading it to an image-hosting website. You can host and distribute GIFs across various platforms with excellent online image-hosting services. Consider Giphy, Imgur, and Tenor as a few excellent instances. You can share your GIF on Discord by uploading it online, copying the link, and sharing it.

3] Try other troubleshooting methods

If your GIFs are within Discord’s size limit but you are unable to upload them, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the error:

  • Log in and out of the Discord app: Start by logging out of the Discord app, restarting the app, and then logging back into your app.
  • Delete Discord cache data: A corrupted cache file might be the cause of being unable to upload GIFs. So, clear the Discord cache and check if the error reappears.


On platforms like Discord, sharing animated GIFs is a great way to add interest to your conversations. So, if you are experiencing trouble uploading animated images to your Discord server or direct message, the methods mentioned above guarantee that your app is free of bugs and that your GIF complies with the platform’s rules.

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If you have more questions about the Discord cannot resize GIF error, check out the frequently asked questions and their answers below:

What is the Discord GIF size limit in MB?

Files of any format, like PNG, JPG, or GIF, must be smaller than 10 MB. Moreover, animated GIFs are also accepted. When your server is boosted to Level 2, you can have a server banner at the top of the channel list.

Which Discord emoji size should I use?

You can compress a Discord emoji without sacrificing its quality. You can use any trustworthy image compressor program to reduce the size of any Discord emoji. You can use apps like Instasize: Photo Editor + Picture Collage Maker, ShortPixel Photo Optimizer, and Photo and Picture Resizer, among others.


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