Discover historic places around the world with Fotopedia iPad App

Fotopedia is one of the best sites which can help you see and experience places which you might never ever visit in your life and if you do it can be your best guide to know before your Travel agent can ask you.  Coming to the topic, Fotopedia has a free  iPad App, Fotopedia Heritage which hosts a collection of photographs of various heritage places all around the world.

Fotopedia Home Screen

It has an integrated map which lets you navigate throughout the world so you can discover new places and check out the high-resolution images which makes you feel right close to it.

Fotopedia Map Integration

Features :

  • Save high-resolution images as wallpaper. You can copy it from iPad to your computer and use it there. However do not use it for commercial purpose as they photographers have their copyright on it.
  • For every image they have detailed information about the place.

Fotopedia Palmyra Information

  • Planning to visit ? It comes with as strong integration with TripAdvisor which lets you find hotels and cars to reach there.
  • Very well done navigation. You can select a continent and then move to country > city > place. Any time you want to go back and discover something else just hit the navigation bar.

Fotopedia Continents Covered

  • You can run a sideshow and add photographs to your favorite.

Fotopedia Navigation and Slideshow

If you are travel fanatic or a person who loves to see and discover places every day, this app is must for you. With suck high-resolution images and information you can even get your Kids History projects done in no time. Download from iTunes


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